I'm all tickled

Mo went to a sleepover followed by laser tag and although we brought her two changes of outfits to replace the floor-length stretch velvet dress she had worn to the party, she decided it was the perfect costume for laser tag, too. We left clothes and dropped the subject, but the host-mom tried to dissuade her one last time, managing to draw Mo out a bit and tell her that she was concerned about Morgan’s comfort while playing tag. Morgan reportedly replied: “If you’re concerned about my comfort you’ll stop talking about this.” That’s my girl! She looks shy right up to the point you try to cross her boundaries.

She wore the dress the whole time playing tag.

My friend Rachel, the mom in question commented:

I was amazed she could do it! I imagine I would have totally tripped and fallen. That just goes to show that we as parents and adults don't always know what is "best". To have forced or coerced her into changing would have been acting out

of fear about myself, disrespecting her personal choice, therefore not expressing empathy. I feel like I did my part by helping her make an informed decision, as I did with the other kiddos about shoe and sock choices-some changed their minds, others didn't. It obviously meant a lot to her to wear the dress and she totally sported it! Brava!

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